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I am here to help your individual, unique self

through the healing of your




I am eager to use my 25 years of experience

to assist and support you on your way

to your highest self!

Jewels Curreri

Helping you feel brighter and lighter every day in every way!

I am certified as a hypnotherapist, yoga ​therapist, counselor, and life coach.

I also earned my Master’s Degree in ​Metaphysics at the University of ​Sedona.

I am eager to use my vast experience ​and wide array of skills to aid your ​development of the person you would ​like to become

Personally and Professionally!

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What Does Your Mind Need?

This counseling approach aims to help you change deep-seated beliefs and make positive ​changes in your life, with the added benefit of life coaching.

Gain a better understanding of yourself on spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional levels, ​and effectively navigate through life's challenges using new tools.


What Does Your Body Need?

We offer two types of body treatments to enhance your overall health and well-being.

The Qrs Mat stimulates the body's cells and enhances the cell voltage, making cells stronger for a healthier ​body. This non-heated treatment is perfect for those looking to improve their overall health.

The BioMat combines far infrared rays, negative ion therapy, and the superconductive healing properties of ​pure amethyst to effectively treat a range of health issues. These include stress, insomnia, sprains and ​strains, post-surgical healing, scar reduction, joint and muscle soreness, and chronic neck and back pain. ​Wear comfortable clothing and bring a change of clothes for this heated treatment!

You have the option to add Reiki, chakra balancing, or brain tap to the treatments mentioned above for an ​additional fee. These services can be included in the first 15 minutes of your session. Prioritize your health ​and give your body the attention it deserves.

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What Does Your Spirit Need?

Unlock your spiritual potential by experiencing the power of connecting ​with the Spirit through a 75-minute Spiritual Therapy Session.

During the session, you will be guided through the process of setting ​intentions and surrendering to the guidance of Spirit to achieve ​breakthroughs.

Whether you seek answers to specific questions or wish to communicate ​with a loved one who has passed away, we will facilitate the journey toward ​your desired outcome.

Explore the mystical realm of Spirit and discover the benefits of ​surrendering to their guidance.

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Seek Guidance and Inspiration

Through a Divine Card Reading!

In this transformative 30-minute card reading session, you will ​receive messages of comfort, guidance, and empowerment to ​light your path ahead. Discover peace and a connection to higher ​realms as you delve into the wisdom and love found within angel ​cards.

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Gift Shop

About Dawn Haynes

Dawn, a former math teacher with 26 years of ​experience, previously worked as a senior florist and ​managed the well-known Clarks Flower Shop in ​Providence, RI, for a decade.

Her deep understanding of geometry and symmetry, ​honed during her years as a math teacher, allows her ​to craft stunning, balanced designs that captivate and ​inspire.

In addition to her floral expertise, Dawn is also ​passionate about sharing her knowledge through ​workshops and community events. Her commitment ​to excellence and warm, approachable manner have ​earned her a loyal clientele and numerous accolades in ​the floral industry. When she's not busy arranging ​flowers, Dawn enjoys crafting, gardening, cooking, and ​spending quality time with her family and two rescue ​dogs.

Dawn Haynes manages the ​gift shop, offering a mix of ​handmade items, vintage ​treasures, and unique gifts ​that are not easily found ​elsewhere. Whether you're ​shopping for yourself or a ​special someone, her ​selection is sure to delight.

Watercolor hand and flowers

Open Tue.-Thurs.


For custom orders for any occasion, contact Dawn at 1-508-954-2853.

Stay tuned for the upcoming thrilling workshops this fall led by Dawn ​Haynes! Prepare to explore your creative side with engaging sessions ​on wreath making, basic crafting with your Cricut, and many other ​exciting activities. It's going to be an enjoyable experience.


"Jewels is a wonderfully intuitive, compassionate, and loving soul. In a session with her, you discover that a shift in ​perspective, even a slight one, can make a world of difference. She listens and offers gentle suggestions and ​support. It is always a joy to spend that time with her. Always."

Nancy A.

"Working with Jewels was an incredible experience that surpassed all my expectations. Her intuitive session ​touched my soul in ways I never thought possible, leading me to a deeper understanding and connection with ​myself. Her insights were profound and enlightening, truly a transformative experience. I am grateful for her ​guidance and wisdom, and I highly recommend Jewels to anyone seeking a profound spiritual journey."

Karen K.

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It's important to note that sessions with Jewels Curreri are exclusively for educational purposes. They do not involve any ​diagnosis, treatment, or prescription.